Movie Metropolis is a site where movies have mattered since 1997. Until December 14, 2011 the site was called

Here is the reason of the name chage:

“According to Financial Times, DVD sales peaked in 2007 and have since been in decline,” said Henning Molbaek, who founded DVD Town in 1997. “We are moving quickly toward other ways to enjoy movies–Netflix streaming, iTunes, UltraViolet, Sony Playstation Network, XBOX LIVE, and many more. We want to make it clear that it’s not the technology that’s important. It’s the movies, because as we say in our tag line, this is the place ‘where movies matter.'”

The staff remains the same and Movie Metropolis will continue to provide news, features, and reviews of movies on DVD, Blu-ray, and whatever format movies are released on in the future. Remembering the new name should be easy, whether readers think of Superman or Fritz Lang’s 1927 sci-fi classic.

Movie Metropolis will also be easier to use.

The new site upgrade features a better administration with a dynamic and easily upgradeable platform–necessary because DVD Town has been attracting more readers every day. The new site will also provide better video and multi-media support, a site-wide comment system, a better search feature, and the ability for readers to log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Bigger. Better. Faster. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.