Offbeat film TABITHA'S AQUARIUM available on download-to-own option

IndiePix still releases films on DVD, but they've also been trying new forms of distribution.


IndiePix still releases films on DVD, but they've also been trying new forms of distribution. Their releases this week include standard DVD offerings of "Welcome to Nollywood" (a look inside the Nigerian film industry) and "Lovely by Surprise" (a metafictional story). But the artists-in-the-arctic documentary "Art from The Arctic" is available on demand, and the offbeat "Tabitha's Aquarium" is available as a download.

Tabitha's obsession with fish has displaced all her human relationships with the exception of her mother, Eloisse. But when both Eloise and her pet fish, Peter, unexpectedly die after making contact with Tabitha's hands, she concludes that her touch is lethal, begins wearing latex gloves, and finds a job at Living Dead Taxidermy where she can do no more harm. Only when working on the animal "mounts" does she venture to remove her gloves and expose her skin.

Wade, the owner, teaches Tabitha the craft taxidermy and is floored by her natural mounting talents. Tabitha finds his praise simultaneously flattering and strangely threatening; when Wade innocently tries one of her gloves she becomes so agitated that she storms out of the workroom only to find herself having to answer the door of the studio with her bare hands. An unexpected and evidently non-lethal encounter with Wade's beloved dog Buddy follows, and Tabitha begins to relax for the first time since the death of her mother's fish. Taking joy in "making the dead live again", Tabitha begins to allow herself to be vulnerable around Wade. Her reputation for "lifelike" mounts doubles Living Dead's business and she is even offered a job at her favorite aquarium mounting exotic fish. But just when Tabitha begins to forget about her "curse", tragedy strikes again: she reverts back to her lifestyle of reclusion. Ultimately, Tabitha must choose between the safe harbor of her isolation, or the uncharted risk of living without fear.

The 2008 film was directed by Jason Klein and stars Margaret Laney, who played a hotel worker in two episodes of "The Guiding Light" and a newsstand patron in "Spider-Man 3: The IMAX Experience."

As interesting as this film sounds, what's more fascinating is the idea of download-to-own movies, rather than traditional disc marketing. It will be interesting to see how sales go. Check out the IndiePix website for details.