Ghosts Of The Abyss (3D Blu-ray/ DVD & Blu-ray Combo)

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Walt Disney Pictures and James Cameron, the Academy Award(R)-winning director of TITANIC (1997), present the groundbreaking cinematic achievement GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS. Joined by his personal friend Bill Paxton (TITANIC) and a team of the world's foremost historical and marine experts, Cameron journeys back to the site of his greatest inspiration -- the legendary wreck of the TITANIC. During the voyage, you will explore inside the entire ship, deck by deck, room by room, encountering mysteries that have remained hidden for almost a century. Revolutionary underwater robots were designed and built solely for the purpose of allowing the explorers to peer deep into the remains of the once-great ship and bring those surreal and haunting images back to the surface world. Loaded with unseen footage, revealing interviews, and innovative DVD bonuses, this unprecedented motion picture event is a must-own companion for anyone who loves TITANIC.

Bill Paxton
Miguel Wilkins
Federico Zambrano
Dale Ridge
Ken Marschall
Running time:
92 min.
Release date: 
Tuesday, September 11, 2012