PLAYBOY: 2006 VIDEO PLAYMATE CALENDAR - DVD review are sure to love seeing the same Playmates come to life on video


In what has become an annual event, Playboy is releasing the latest edition of its "Video Playmate Calendar" series just in time for the holidays and obviously, a new year. Playboy's popular pin-up calendars have been around since 1958, essentially creating a kind of time capsule that helps capture the looks and the styles of a particular era. Since the early 90's, Playboy has gone one step further by producing a video companion to its popular Playmate calendars. If you liked the stunning still images of the Playmates featured in the annual calendars, then you are sure to love seeing the same Playmates come to life on video.

Going into this review, I must admit that I had two misconceptions about this particular DVD. First--and this may come as a shock to many--it is not really a calendar! If you discount the wallet-friendly 3-panel glossy foldout calendar that is included with this DVD, Playboy's "Video Playmate Calendar" does not entirely offer any practical application as a functional date keeper. In fact, this DVD functions less as a normal calendar that displays the usual months and dates than just yet another avenue for Playboy to market and showcase its ever expanding bevy of extremely gorgeous and voluptuous Playmates.

Second, one would expect that the twelve Playmates who appear on this DVD be chosen from the past twelve issues of Playboy magazine. However, that is not entirely the case. Instead, the twelve Playmates here do not appear in any chronological monthly order but instead are chosen from a list of candidates from the past year and a half, ranging from Miss January 2004 to the most recent Playmate from the July 2005 issue of the magazine.

This DVD starts off with a brief introduction about Playboy calendars and it then jumps right into presenting each of the twelve gorgeous Playmates, one at a time, starting from January to December. The video segment for each Playmate runs for about approximately 10 minutes and it usually features them in two separate settings that are made to fit the girls' individual personalities. These video segments generally (not always) start off in a fun outdoor setting and for the second part of the shoot, it moves indoors, to a more sensuous and erotic setting.

The following is a list of the twelve Playmates who appear on this DVD:

Jillian Grace (Miss March 2005), an 18-year old from Arkansas who poses in a cowgirl outfit in an outdoor Western setting.

Scarlett Keegan (Miss September 2004), a natural redhead who was a model for the Chelsie Generation Girl Barbie doll.

Kimberly Holland (Miss October 2004), 21-year old from Humble, TX who is a Business Administration student at the University of Houston.

Amber Campisi (Miss February 2005), another Texan, whose family owns an Italian restaurant that she hopes to take over one day.

Kara Monaco (Miss June 2005), a laid-back blonde-haired beauty from Lakeland, FL.

Qiana Chase (Miss July 2005), the only African American Playmate on this DVD.

Jamie Westenhiser (Miss May 2005), a model and former Hooters girl from Hollywood, FL.

Colleen Shannon (Miss January 2004), an Alaskan native who had the very prestigious honor of being chosen as Playboy's 50th Anniversary Playmate last year.

Cara Zavaleta (Miss November 2004), who was a former cast member of MTV's "Road Rules" reality show.

Destiny Davis (Miss January 2005), a Californian who is now a student at UNLV.

Courtney Rachel Culkin (Miss April 2005), from Long Island, New York.

Saving the best for last, we have Tiffany Fallon (Miss December 2004), who was picked as Playboy's 2005 Playmate of the Year, a celebrated title that is only held by a chosen few. Ms. Fallon, who is blessed with the classic look of a movie star from the 50's, was also a former Miss Georgia 2001, 2nd runners-up in the Miss USA competition and a former NFL cheerleader.

It is a shame that in this era of high-definition video, Playboy has not upgraded its videos to at least be shot in widescreen format. This DVD is presented in 4:3 (fullscreen) format and does not offer the higher quality progressive scan video. It's just too bad because these beautiful Playmates would look great in 480p. Overall, the colors are a tad soft and the images lack the subtle details, especially in low light settings.

Featuring mainly pleasant background music tracks and short personal narrations by each of the Playmates, the Dolby Surround 2-channel audio track on this DVD presents an adequate audio experience that is both clear and without any distortions.

There are three special features included on this DVD. First is "Playmate Videographies", an index of all the videos that all of Playboy's Playmates have appeared in. You can do a search by name or by the year that they first appeared on the magazine. Next is "Photo Gallery", where you can find still images of all the twelve Playmates featured on this DVD. You can set it to be self-running or user-controlled. Finally, in "Playmate Data Sheets", you will get to view each Playmate's data sheet, which contains their body measurements, their hobbies, like and dislikes and also photos from their childhood.

This DVD comes packaged in a regular keep case. As I mentioned earlier, a wallet-sized glossy 3-panel foldout featuring the 2005 calendar and full body nude images of the twelve Playmates is includes with this DVD. You will also find a glossy insert with images of the Playmates as well.

Film Value:
The "2006 Video Playmate Calendar" is the latest in a long list of Playboy home video editions that feature some of the most beautiful women in the world in various states of undress. Like all other Playboy releases, this DVD features great production value and is strictly for those who enjoy watching gorgeous women and worship the attractive nude female body.


Film Value